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A New Farm with New Ideas

We began our farming efforts in 2012- with a couple thousand square feet and a handful of different crops. Today we are working almost 4 acres, we have 3 greenhouses, about 3-5 staff and we continue to grow (see what we did there!) All of our produce is raised using chemical free and permacultural practices. Permaculture is the harmonious relationship between humans and the earth, where food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs are produced and/or extracted in a sustainable way.

Some examples that we use at the farm are:

  • Growing specific flowers to attract beneficial insects that eat harmful pests

  • Growing cover crops to create nutrient rich soil for future crops instead of buying fertilizers

  • Using drip irrigation to water our crops

  • Reusing logs from fallen down trees to grow shiitake mushrooms

  • Contour bed planting to capture and use rainwater efficiently

  • Row covers to reduce pest pressure and the need for chemicals

While our primary focus is on providing local, high quality, fresh food for our community, we also try to raise awareness about holistic living through the arts. We have a number of projects in the seed stages of growth (we really love puns) at Den Hill Permaculture which will unveil in the future.

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